About Me

Hello! I'm Daniel, a software developer with interest in math, music, and education.
I love solving challenging problems that require critical thinking,
and I enjoy teaching and helping others do the same.
I am a lifelong learner, always striving to grow in my knowledge.
I am fluent in English, Spanish, and Korean,
and skilled in three full stacks: Python/Django, MERN, and Java/Spring.

Todolist | Task Manager Web App

Todoist.com clone task manager app, complete with aesthetic landing page, user login/registration, full CRUD functionality on tasks managed in MySQL database, and filtering by priority and category.

GitHub: Github | View Project Demo

BobaMap | Boba Finder Map Web App

Yelp inspired platform that retrieves user's geolocation and returns list of boba stores around them.

GitHub: Github | View Project Demo

SneakerShop | E-commerce Store

End-to-end Python Django framework E-commerce store, with full browsing, cart, and checkout features, and admin-side inventory and order management.

GitHub: Github | View Project Demo


For more information, please contact me by e-mail or LinkedIn message. Thank you!